Hello and welcome to my page, this is where you can find my thoughts on the last few days news, also what is happing in my life. I post when I can and hopefully a pattern will emerge. Weird I know but I have a rubbish job that doesn’t give me much time, I’m a barista hence the picture. I wish my coffee looked that good. Anyway, a game just downloaded so I’m going to give it a go! Please have a read and if you enjoyed it subscribe.




I’m dyslexic so this should go well!

Hello and welcome to my page where I write stuff about my life, I hope it will stop me going insane, I want to also touch on politics and news from around the world. My name is Conor hence “Politicon” (my girlfriend may have come up with that name, thanks). I like to think I’m still young (I’m 20 or 21 depending on the date, terms and conditions apply) although to tell you the truth I have no idea what is trending or what the number one is.. I did like Top of the Pops back in the day though!

I live in the little town of Bury St Edmunds – it’s weird, boring, bland and mainly home to many old people. I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against them just please don’t come into my work. So I tend to always look outside my little town to greater places like Ipswich. Although saying that, a lady once came into my work and said: “It’s grim out there” I asked, “The weather?” to which she replied, “No Ipswich”. Welcome to Bury! Although she definitely wins the best customer of the year (she asked for a tea by the way I love the easy orders).

We are blessed ‘kind of’ with the internet so I can put my silly thoughts here. I work in a place where I have to wear a name badge. If you are in one of these places I beg you please don’t call me by my name. it’s proper creepy! If you come in every week ‘ello I’m the one that makes the coffee and the below average food. (If my boss is reading this my name is Graham, I’m 32 and I live in Nottingham).

Anyway! I seem to have got away from the point a little but I fear that will happen a lot. I will be your guide to 2017 and hopefully years to come. It will be interesting but most of all important and I really hope you will enjoy the year with me. If you are like me and don’t like reading I have a Youtube channel. It’s going to be this but with my ugly face talking to you – I’m really selling this! I also have a Twitter for my instant and rather spontaneous thoughts and my interesting life in Bury. So why don’t you give me a read, a subscribe, a follow and if you’re feeling generous share this with your friend, you know they’d love it!


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